Boyshape, Sussex, 1985

Light is bright,

Light has might.

It can create a shadow with a strike,

It can illuminate without a bite.

Instead of playing with shadows, I saw the importance of light in the image. I decided to capture light in it’s element, emitting from a source. Any way anyone choose to photograph light can create different kinds of shadows, boyshapes or just lines.

I hide under my arm,

My face you cannot see.

I rather not be under harm,

I’d rather just be.


Pete Townsend, Drake Hotel, New York, 1967

Elusive is the word that comes to mind when I see these images. Hidden and quiet is the emotions perceived, you can’t really decipher what is seen. I like how you have to concentrate on what is visible to take the whole image in.

Wildman, South Coast of England, 1969

Water so crisp, so cool,

makes you drool on summer’s eve,

makes you shiver in winter’s breeze.

The times of year these photographs are taken are in complete contrast to each other. Mine in the summer, hers in the winter. The beach and it’s brightness creates so much contrast and defines a subject or blurs it out.

Inhale, exhale.

Blacken your lung.

Inhale, exhale.

You’re song is sung.

Paul McCartney, Jamaica, 1972


John Lennon, London, 1969

I sit and think about the world passing by,

how I impact it and why.

I’d like to make it better,

Instead of letting it be lesser.

I am a pensive character,

my thoughts are extremely powerful.




John Cipollina, Fillmore East, New York, 1968

The first time I took my photograph I was so disappointed, it wasn’t in focus and all you see is a blur. What I didn’t realize was that I captured movement, like in Linda McCartney’s photograph. Long shutter speeds capture strange movement which in fact can turn a person into something completely unbeknown.

Through the window pane,

You’ll find a girl in her own world.

Behind the curtain, lies a fame

He’s sing and dancing to his own world.

Mick Jagger, New York, 1966

You can barely see the expression on both people’s faces. Jager’s hiding behind a curtain, where my friend is hidden in silhouette. The mystery element is present again.


Spanish Riding School, Vienna, 1993

Look at the world at a kilter,

imagine the  pictures that could be a winner.

Angles, angles, views and such,

make this view and absolute must.

Balloon Stairs, 1984

Up and down, down and up,

We climb the stairs all day long.

Up and down, down and up.

What ever do we cross in our paths?

This specific image is intriguing to the eye. Look at the balloons just lying on the stairs. Why are they there? Did I miss the party? I wonder why she chose to take a picture of balloons on stairs. The contrast and lighting make it interesting and fun to capture.

Stella, Montserrat, 1981

The world around you has so much there,

So much there to see and hear.

Place a time and place

and maybe even a face.




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